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Only one of our veterinarians examine and treat birds.  Diagnosing illnesses in pet birds such as parrots and cockatoos can be very time-consuming and complex.  Due to the high demand for appointments for our regular patients, we regret that we cannot accept any new companion/caged bird patients at this time.  Please consider visiting another avian veterinarian in northeast Ohio.  Information on these hospitals can be found at

While we don’t treat commercial flocks, we ARE able to accept new backyard/hobby poultry patients such as ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys.  Common reasons we examine backyard poultry are for gout, bumblefoot, respiratory infections, wounds, fractures, and to perform humane euthanasia.




We are one of the few veterinary practices in the area that will examine and treat exotic pets.  Only a few of our vets offer this service, so we apologize if we are unable to accommodate you immediately with an appointment slot.  Because of the nature of exotic pets to hide illness, we do not want you to delay seeking treatment.  Please visit to find another exotic vet quickly in northeast Ohio! 

We offer routine exams, diagnostic bloodwork, fecal testing, humane euthanasia, and minor surgical procedures (including spay/neuter for most mammals).  Some of the common ailments we diagnose in exotic pets are ringworm, mites/fleas, respiratory infections, abscesses, dental problems, metabolic bone disease, GI stasis, stomatitis, parasites, and cancer. 

Exotic pets require unique habitats, husbandry, and have very specialized care and diets.  If you are considering getting an exotic pet, please use our pet health library to help you research the care needed for these fascinating critters.  Some of the pets we see on a regular basis include rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, sugar gliders, turtles/tortoises, hamsters, chinchillas, snakes, guinea pigs, fennec foxes, rats, mice, and hedgehogs.

Please note, we are NOT equipped to accommodate:  pot belly pigs for hoof trims, livestock, primates/monkeys, tarantulas, venomous snakes, “pet” wildlife such as raccoons, or large predators such as big cats/bears/wolves.  If you DO own an exotic pet that requires a special permit from the state of Ohio (wildlife permit, etc) – we require that you to bring a copy of the CURRENT permit to be placed in your pet’s file here.

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