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Stem Cell & PRP Therapies

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Stem Cell Therapy


What is Actistem Therapy?


Stem cells are powerful healing cells in your body that can become other types of cells. There are many adult stem cells in fat tissue, however they are asleep. Ardent’s stem cell therapy allows your vet to isolate stem cells from an animal’s own fat tissue, wake them up, and re-introduce the healing cells into the areas of need.


What is so great about Stem Cell Therapy?


Stem cells treat the source of the problem by offering the ability to become new tissue to replace damaged tissue. Other treatments, such as NSAIDs, merely attempt to reduce symptoms. And the treatment is very low risk, because it uses the animal’s own stem cells. It offers an all-natural alternative to drugs and steroids. In a recent randomized sampling of 155 canines sufferings from osteoarthritis > 95% showed improvements as reported by the treating Veterinarians. How long has this been available? Stem cell therapy for animals has been commercially available since 2004. Ardent was the pioneer in offering to the Veterinarian industry same day, onsite treatments and has to date completed over 10,000 treatments globally.


Why Ask for Ardent's Stem Cell therapy?


For pet owners, there are two main advantages to Ardent. First, the processing is all done in your vet’s office. This eliminates variability in outside shipping of the sample as well as offers a fresh is best approach to isolating, activating and re-administering your animals living cells back to the areas of need. The Ardent process has been independently validated in a blinded university medical setting.

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Stem Cell Therapy


Is it safe?


Yes, this procedure is very safe. On a typical dog, this is easier than a spay, and the fat is collected in about 15 minutes by your vet. Processing the sample is done carefully by a highly trained Ardent representative (or by a lab tech carefully trained by that representative). In the thousands of animals treated, we have not observed any negative side-effects from Ardent’s stem cell therapy.


What happens to my pet when they come in for stem cell therapy?


First, your vet will put your pet under general anesthetic. Then, he/she will make a small incision and collect 2-4 tablespoons of fat (either in the belly or behind the shoulder blades). Then a trained technician will process the sample, right in the clinic, using Ardent Animal Health equipment. The sample is activated then introduced to the patient. The patient can then go home, same day.

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PRP Therapy


Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is blood plasma that contains concentrated amounts of platelets and growth factors. PRP is a non-surgical and advanced means of providing high doses of the body’s own healing factors directly to the area where they are needed.

How does it work?

Platelet Rich Plasma is a trending topic in human sports orthopedic medicine. Used for sports injuries as many wear and tear issues. Ardent’s Platelet Rich Plasma Kit, or PRP, is a breakthrough product for pets utilizing blood plasma with concentrated platelets that once activated accelerate the healing properties of the isolated growth factors at a fraction of the cost of traditional human treatments. Platelets that are found in whole blood contain many healing growth factors and bioactive proteins. These bioactive proteins can initiate tissue healing, and assist with inflammation. The treatment offers an affordable all natural alternative to drugs and steroids.

How does it benefit your pet?


Ardent’s PRP Kit can be introduced topically in or around an injured joint, tendon, or used in its gel form to treat large burns or wounds. Ardent’s PRP is not limited to acute injuries, it can also be used for chronic conditions.
• Complimentary to your Pet’s next surgery
• Osteoarthritis
• Tenosynovitis
• Wound Care
• General Inflammation
• Post Surgical Healing

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